Research shows that wearing a mask can help prevent the spread of COVID19. The Hall County School District is strongly encouraging students to wear masks in an effort to protect the health of staff and classmates. In preparation for the start of the new school year, we recommend students acquire a couple of masks that allow them to be comfortable throughout the school day.


La investigación muestra que usar una máscara puede ayudar a prevenir la propagación de COVID19. El Distrito Escolar del Condado de Hall está alentando a los estudiantes a usar máscaras en un esfuerzo por proteger la salud del personal y los compañeros de clase. En preparación para el comienzo del nuevo año escolar, recomendamos que los estudiantes adquieran un par de máscaras que les permitan sentirse cómodos durante el día escolar.


I hope you are having a great and safe summer so far.  As the opening of school is getting closer, I want to address some much needed information to you as we begin to see a clear picture of how we will operate.  Our intent is to have a complete focus on the safety of all students and teachers during this unusual time.  Along with that, we intend to continue to provide the best instruction for all students and a learning environment that they all can be successful.  So here are a few notes for you.  If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me at and I will get an answer to your question.

  • If you have not completed the HCSD online survey to choose your method of school for the year, you will receive a phone call from the school so we can get your choice. This is very important so that we can better plan for students on the first day.
  • Hall County Schools will conduct face-to-face orientations for K, 6th, and 9th grade families as well as new students. Virtual orientations will be provided for all other families during the same time as listed.
  • Open House (Orientation) will be held on 2 days: Aug 10th and Aug 11th.

       -On Aug 10th, we will welcome students whose last name is from A-M

       -On Aug 11th, we will welcome students whose last name is from N-Z

-All orientation times are from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

-6th grade Orientation will be the only grade level that is in-person here at EHMS.

During the 6th grade Orientation, the only people allowed to enter the building will be the parents and the student who will be attending the school.  No other family members will be allowed to enter the building.

-All other grade level Orientation will be online by ZOOM, on the same days. Your childs’ homeroom teacher will be contacting you with the date, time and ZOOM link for the orientation

On Aug 10th, we will welcome students whose last name is from A-M

-On Aug 11th, we will welcome students whose last name is from N-Z

  • On Aug 12th and 13th, we will have Day 1 and Day 2 of school.

-Both days will be full days with half of the students.  These days are designed for us to reestablish relationships, build student trust about the school process and implement the safety measures that we are requiring at the school.

-Students whose last name start with A-M will come to school on Aug 12th

-Students whose last name start with N-Z will come to school on Aug 13th

Bus transportation has not been finalize yet from Transportation

  • Aug 14th is a NO School Friday. We will have a closeout faculty meeting to go over things learned since the first meeting and talk about what we need to address before the first full day of school
  • Face covering will be required for all school faculty when in the presence of others in the school, to include the classroom, no exception. A decision will be announced regarding face masks for students before teachers return to school on Aug 3rd.
  • We will be sending families videos on hand washing, social distancing, wearing and caring for face coverings prior to teachers returning to school on Aug 3rd. We are soliciting the help of all families to make this as successful as possible.
  • Each family is encouraged to procure a water bottle and a face mask for your child. The water fountains will be turned off to prevent contamination.  The only fountains that will be operational are the filtered fountains for students to get water in their water bottles.  We ask that the water bottles be clear bottles so that we can monitor the substance in the bottle.  Students will need to have a face mask for instances when social distancing in not possible, for instance, when changing classes or doing small group work.
  • Chromebooks will be available for all students for a 1 to 1 issue. If students have their own personal machine, they can use it for simplicity.  If students have elected to be virtual learners, they can sign out a chromebook or use their own.
  • At this point, buses will implement social distancing as much as practical. Students are asked to wear a mask while riding the school bus.
  • The cafeteria will provide meals for breakfast and lunch. Students will “grab and go” for breakfast and eat the meal in their classroom.  Because of the social distance rule in the cafeteria, students will alternate eating in the cafeteria while some will eat in the classroom.  At some point, students will be served a box lunch.  Those events are still being discussed with the Food Service Team.

There are still a lot of questions that we will need to address, but we will do whatever it takes at EHMS to ensure that we are being safe and wise for the entire East Hall family.  So please be patient and continue to work with us as we navigate through these new processes and school norms

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Hope you are staying safe.


Parents — Please view our October 16th Parent e-Newsletter below.  Pages 1-2 are in English and Pages 3-4 in Spanish.  In addition, Report Card 1 (first 9-weeks) goes home with students today.


Parents – Please view our Parent e-Newsletter at

Pages 1-2 are in English and pages 3-4 in Spanish.