Survey of Spanish

Survey of Spanish is a beginners Spanish class in which students will learn some basic Spanish such as how to greet one another, how to talk about the time, weather, likes and dislikes. Also, they will learn the numbers, alphabet, classroom items, parts of the body, clothing items, etc. Not only will they learn Spanish, but they will also be introduced to some of the culture and customs of Spanish-speaking countries. The class lasts nine weeks and we will try to learn as much as possible during the short time that we have.

 Spanish I (Carnegie Credit Class)

Spanish I is a Carnegie unit class which means that it is equivalent to Spanish I at the high school level. It is a year long class instead of nine weeks and only eighth graders may take the class and receive high school credit. During the year, the students will learn the basics of the Spanish language and culture and, by the end of the course, should be able to easily carry on a conversation in Spanish.