Health Education

“It’s your life, choose wisely and take responsibility!”


The Health Program at East Hall Middle School is a “life skills” class where we talk about things students are dealing with in the real world. The goal is that, through the class, students will be more aware of these health issues and can deal with them in a successful manner throughout life.

The most important idea that each Health unit addresses is for the students to think ahead about the consequences of their actions (positive and negative), decide which consequences they want to have, and then accepting the responsibility of their actions. I want them to know that THEY choose the course their life follows and the consequences that are a result.

Topics include the following:

Decision Making, Self-Image, Media Influence, Communication Skills, Social Skills/Peer Pressure, Conflict Resolution, Disease Prevention, Puberty/Reproductive System/Abstinence Education, Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco,  G.R.E.A.T (Gang Resistance Education and Training) for 6th grade, Nutrition, Stress Management, Goal Setting, and Basic First Aid.