The definition of a choir is a musical ensemble of singers. At first glance, this appears to be nothing special. However, when delving into the true meaning of a choir, much more is revealed. Choirs encourage all participants to work toward one goal: performing to the best of one’s abilities. There is much documentation to prove that being involved in a musical ensemble creates a student who has better self-discipline, self-confidence and memory than those who do not.


The East Hall Middle School chorus program strives to reach excellence every day. We currently have over 200 students involved, and we are always looking at ways to expand. We work five days a week on many different elements of music including sight-reading, music history, music theory, and music from many genres. Each student in chorus is given numerous performance opportunities throughout the year. We hold two annual concerts (winter and spring). All choirs also perform at Large Group Performance Evaluation once a year where we receive ratings on the quality of our performance. The students also sight-read an 8 measure example of music that they have never seen before. Students also have the opportunity to participate in 6th Grade Statewide Honor Chorus, 9th District Honor Chorus and All-State Chorus.


No student is denied participation in any choral ensemble due to a lack of funds. Two fundraisers are completed each year by chorus students to help raise money for many of the chorus expenses (extra polo’s, new music, new folders, etc.). Over the last two years, there have been many upgrades made to the chorus room using fundraiser money.

Student quotes about chorus:

 “Most students think that chorus is an easy A. Chorus involves sight-reading, hours of practice and effort. Chorus is more than just singing..”

Maria Tello


“Chorus builds character.”

Chelsea Dale


“Chorus makes students feel special about being a part of something amazing. It is a great way to express how you feel.”

Savannah Lindsey