EHMS Band Program

Band is a thriving activity at EHMS that has a tradition of excellence.  Under the direction of Mr. Lonberger, the EHMS Bands consistently receive superior ratings at all festivals and competitions. There are currently a little over 200 students enrolled in band, which is about 23% of the entire student body at EHMS.
No prior experience is necessary to join the band in 6th grade. Students must start band in 6th grade.  No student can join in 7th or 8th grade. Each 6th grade student is tested on several different instruments at the beginning of the year to determine what instrument they will play.
Students are required to rent an instrument, but there are a small amount of school owned instruments available for students with financial needs.
The EHMS Bands perform two concerts each year (December and May). Many students in the band are also involved in sports at EHMS; coaches and teachers work together to make sure students can do both activities.
Scientific research studies consistently show that students who are involved in band earn higher scores on college entrance tests such as the SAT and ACT.  Band promotes teamwork, responsibility, discipline, concentration, leadership, and personal achievement. The U.S. Department of Education lists the arts as subjects that college-bound middle and junior high school students should take, stating, “It is well known and widely recognized that the arts contribute significantly to children’s intellectual development.”