Wow, what a week.  It seems that the entire school has been motivated all week.  You can feel the energy up and down each hall.

Monday was particularly interesting because everyone was getting ready for the Pep Rally and the Tailgate party on Tuesday before the Jr Vikings football game.

During the Pep Rally, many school clubs were recognized.  The band did a great job.  The cheerleader (I call the Vikingnettes) did a great job in getting the crowd up and cheering.  They introduced a new cheer “Va-Hal-La” and the crowded screams to the top of their lungs as the letters are held high.

Yes the Viking Nation is growing and the crowd is enjoying it all.  Teachers were great with crowd control, students were well mannered the entire time and yes, it was hot in the gym with all the body heat on top of that.  I have never seen so many people filled into one small place like that.

Then all of a sudden, the Lead Viking appeared!  What a sight!

The Viking Nation is alive and well!