Physical Education


The students grade in Physical Education is based on participation, promptness to class and dressing out. Each student starts the class with a 100 as their grade. Each day a student does not dress out or participate they will have 5 points deducted from their grade. They will also receive a minus 5 points off their grade when they are tardy to class. If a student does not dress out they will be asked to participate in the daily run and stretches in their school clothes. After the student has finished the run and stretches they will be asked to copy the Gym Rules Sheet.

Our goal in Physical Education is to see students active for the entire class period which will hopefully promote a desire and love for physical activity. With such a high incidence of teen obesity in our country we hope to show students that being active is fun and healthy which will hopefully allow the student to have a better life style.

Throughout the course of the year the students are exposed to various sports and skill development activities which keep the students moving for the whole period.

Physical Education Standards–6th

Physical Education Standards–7th

Physical Education Standards–8th