Business Education

Business & Computer Science I (BCSI) – 6th Grade

The goal of this course is to provide middle school students with an introduction to the principles of computer science, basic keyboarding skills, Internet safety and usage, and computer applications. Students will explore how personality traits and personal values align with career choices  Personal, professional, and ethical standards of behavior for the workplace will be examined and reinforced in the classroom.

Business & Computer Science  (BCSII) – 7th Grade

In this course, middle school students build a knowledge base of computer applications, communication and presentation skills, Internet safety, 21st century business skills, and business and computer science careers of the 21st century.

Computer Applications 1 (BCS CAI) – 8th Grade — Carnegie Course

This is a course offered to 8th grade students who would like to earn a high school Carnegie credit. The class provides an introduction to computer technology, decision-making, productivity, communications, and problem-solving skills. Areas of instruction include computer applications and integration of word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software as well as the use of emerging technologies. The class is year-long and offered during the 8th grade Connections time. Students must be able to keyboard with proficiency and have a good attendance record as most work is completed in class.

Business Essentials — 8th Grade — Carnegie Course

Business Essentials is only offered to 8th grade students who are interested in earning high school Carnegie credit.  This course helps students to learn about small business development.  Students will learn many aspects of what it takes to own and operate their own business.  They will study about forms of business ownership, functions of management, budgeting and finance, technology, communication and so much more.