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Just a Thought

As we continue the season of uncertainty, there is much to think on and about.  As we continue to drive our own individual trains and climb every mountain that is presented in front of us, realize that in this dark cloud, you are not alone.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to another individual.  There […]

Hall County Contact Tracing

HALL COUNTY SCHOOLS When a student tests positive for COVID-19 in a Hall County school, administrators work with a contact tracing team made up of contractors who have completed a 6-hour contact tracing course offered by Johns Hopkins University. The contact tracing team includes two full-time workers during the day and two-part time workers on nights and weekends, according to Hall County director of student services Tamara Etterling. Contact tracers are […]


Here We Are!

Can I just say “WOW! We have had a great first two weeks of school.  Thank you parents for teaching the students the importance of wearing their face mask and hand sanitizing.  Every student has done a great job in their efforts to social distance in the hallways and in the classroom when possible.  With […]

Lets Have a Conversation

As we initiate conversations, I believe that we need to start the important conversations within the walls of our schools.  We need to make this conversation part of our mentoring programs.  These conversations need to be part of our churches and other organization.  Not after the fact, but before the action begins. Right now, as […]

Inside and Out

Just a Thought! I was thinking about a speech I did a few years ago.  It is amazing how things tend to come back around at you, then you realize how prevalent it is.  But I was thinking about the speech and the reaction it received afterwards for a paragraph in it.  It was something […]

Virtual School

Frequently Asked Questions -How do I sign my child up for Virtual Learning (When you answer “yes” to virtual on the survey, we are going to automatically sign you up.) -Once my child began Virtual, can they change back to in-person if they don’t like it? (They will have until the end of August 21st […]

Wearing the Mask

Good Morning  Parents, As we approach the beginning of the school year, there are certain questions that continue to rise about the wearing of the mask.  At this point, it is not mandatory for students to wear the mask in school.  It is only mandatory to wear the mask on the school bus. When in […]


Concerning Face Mask

Research shows that wearing a mask can help prevent the spread of COVID19. The Hall County School District is strongly encouraging students to wear masks in an effort to protect the health of staff and classmates. In preparation for the start of the new school year, we recommend students acquire a couple of masks that […]


The ReOpening Process

Parents, I hope you are having a great and safe summer so far.  As the opening of school is getting closer, I want to address some much needed information to you as we begin to see a clear picture of how we will operate.  Our intent is to have a complete focus on the safety […]