I was inspired this week by a lot of good things that went on in the school.  If you didn’t know, we have been preparing for our every three year inspection.  That inspection was this past Tuesday.  There were about 23 outsiders showing up to go through our school with a fine tooth comb to see how we conducted business every day.  They interviewed me, the APs, the Counselors, all  the teachers and some parents.  They even watched the students as they walked through the hallways, as they do.  Sometimes, you don’t know what to expect in the hallway, you just don’t know.

But during one class change, one inspector told me “you have some great students, they are so nice and mannerable and quiet!” He asked “are they always like that?”  I thought it was a trick question.

The day before, I had mentioned to the students during our announcement, I said “do you remember when your parents would tell you to clean your room up and remember to be on your best behavior for tomorrow, because your Grandparents were coming?”  Well, pretend your Grandparents are coming tomorrow.  I think it worked because the students were fantastic!  They made me proud.

The inspectors were all smiles at the end of the day and said that we did a great job hosting them.  The said “thanks, for your hospitality.”

In other news, we held our 2nd student recognition breakfast this week.  We recognized about 18 students who were selected by their teachers for representing some of the Viking Values and being an example for others in the school. Each student was called to the cafeteria for donuts and fellowship.  Then each was given an award by me.  That was special.

Sadly, we have had a rash of students using inappropriate language resulting in them communicating a threat.  Though sometimes they may think they are only joking with someone, they need to understand that these types of threats cannot and will not be tolerated at East Hall.  Once I finish an investigation, the student may face serious consequences and that is not good.  Please be sure to talk with your son or daughter about the seriousness of threats in the school.  Each threat will be taken seriously and the student will be dealt with severely.

We completed our first round of ACCESS testing.  Mrs Pritchett and her team did a great job in organizing and administering the test.  It took about 1 1/2 weeks to test almost 340 students.

We are a good school, with good people, who care!  That is all I could ever ask for.

Until the next time.