Hope you are having a great weekend with family and taking care of yourself.
I wanted to share with you about my intentions tomorrow.  First, up front, I am sorry if I offend anyone in our school, that is not my intent at all, but I believe that we are family at all cost.  So I apologize if I offend you with this message.
Tomorrow morning, 27 April 2020, at 8:00, I will be conducting a Prayer walk throughout our school.  I will be walking through each hallway in meditation and praying for the following:
-Praying for our students families
-Praying for our students
-Praying for our families
-Praying for our teachers
-Praying for our school
That we have continuous protection around us through these difficult times and come out victorious.
If you know the worth of prayer, please pause at this time and pray for me as I pray for you.
The one thing that we can do for each other is pray and believe.


Tos, fiebre o problemas al respirar, no te asustes, quedate encase y llama al departamento de salud local at 770-535-5743 para recibir informacion en como recibir una prueba !GRATIS!

Puede encontrar pruebas virtuales gratuitas en


If you or someone you know is showing symptoms such as cough, fever or breathing problems, don’t panic! Stay at home and call your local health department to schedule a FREE test at 770-535-5743

You can find free virtual screening at

During these unprecedented times, Shelter-in Place has created–forced even–a lot of family time amidst the house chores and the to-do lists of fixes that have been duly waiting on ‘when I have time.’ It has also provided opportunities to reflect on how I spend my time and wherein lies my focus. And although the “coronavirus life” we currently live in is big, it is not bigger than us. It is so encouraging to hear such beautiful and heartfelt stories about the good that is coming out of this bad.

To date, our food service team has provided more than 400,000 meals (about 20,000 per day) to our students. However, we know this need goes far beyond them. With this challenge, lies another opportunity to give back to others in need. We know of the importance of the three-Rs, but in reality, we could add a few more “Rs” …. respect, real, and responsibility….. these are the “Rs” that lie “Beyond the Books.”

Therefore, we have partnered with the Georgia Mountain Food Bank to help support an initiative in what we are calling, Beyond the Books.

Our goal is $10,000, and we are asking our team members to help make this goal a reality. If all team members and students commit to $1.00, we would easily reach and exceed this goal. Remember, it is not about the amount, but the heart, and I know from personal experience, that the HallCo Family has big, gargantuan, colossal hearts.

To support this initiative, click on Beyond the Books.

Please know that there are many worthy causes, and each one of us, in our own way, must support the organization that aligns with our personal beliefs. This one seems to fit perfectly into our quest to become The Most Caring Place on EarthIt lets the entire community know that the Hall County School System provides not only a quality education about academics, but it also helps in a potentially, even more powerful way….Beyond the Books.


Brad Brown

Assistant Superintendent – Human Resources

Hall County School System

EHMS Families — For the remainder of the school year, there will be no new assignments on Fridays. Instead Hall County School District has established Fridays as “We Care Fridays” to encourage students to catch up on work, rest, participate in a hobby, do an act of kindness, and/or spend quality time with their families.

East Hall Middle has created a “Choice Board” for our students to give students some ideas for fun activities for family care, community care, self care, literacy and creativity. We encourage EHMS students to pick 2 (or more) items from the choice board and complete each “We Care Friday” (April 24- May 22). We’d love for students who participate to post to our Padlet to share with us about the activities you completed.

EHMS We Care Friday (2)

7th graders, it’s time to make your selections for the connections courses you wish to take next year. You will find the instructions on your Math teacher’s School From Home Canvas Page. You only have until the end of this week –April 20-24th – to make your requests. (Note: 6th graders have already made their selections).

8th Grade Connections Course Guide-Works

Never could I have imagined school would turn out this way, I had visions of how the last day of school would be to complete my first year.  I had a grand send off in mind for the 8th graders and a exciting close to the school year for the others.  Yet, like my teachers, here I am trying to figure out why I couldn’t see you again before the end of the school year.  Now when I enter the building, my mind flashes back to the things that make me come to work every day.  You!  Just for the record, I miss you and everything about you.  I miss:

  • Being in the hallway in the morning when you walk into the building off the bus and your eyes are still closed, knowing that you are still sleepy
  • Standing in the hallway as you begin going to class and I give you a high-five greeting or a knuckle-bump.
  • Walking down the hall to hurry to the news room and thinking what I am going to say to greet you——–“ITS HUMP DAY!”
  • Seeing your reaction when I tell you that your jeans with holes in them are unsatisfactory and you need to change
  • Telling you to take the earbuds out of your ears and then follow you around the corner when you have put them back in
  • The one-on-one conversations we have in my office when I am trying to help you figure things out, before I call your parents
  • Taking your phone away from you and then sending a long email home to your parents about it.
  • Seeing at lunch when you are taking a break and talking to me or the SRO
  • Our “Come to Jesus” meetings as I tell you what is expected.
  • Standing in the hall when it is time to load buses to go home and thinking that I hope you will have a good evening
  • Thinking about seeing you the next day, so we can do it all over again.

Just remember that you are a special part of the school, you are a special part of me, you are special.

Take care, be strong, stay focused.

We’ll get passed this and then we will get back to normal………………………….soon!

Dear EHMS Community Members,

The CDC has recently revised recommendations for combating COVID-19. Maintaining six feet of distance between individuals and good hand hygiene is the best way to prevent spread. However, when maintaining social distancing is difficult, it is highly recommended to wear a cloth face covering.  That being said, we all understand that medical grade masks and other PPEs are in high demand and are not easily accessible.

The Hall County School District is seeking volunteers in the community who would be willing to provide washable cotton masks for our Hall County Team  Members who are delivering meals to students. These team members are practicing social distancing and good hand hygiene, but school buses have limited space; the masks would be an added layer of protection.

If each school in our community was able to provide 20 reusable masks, our meal delivery personnel would have enough masks.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help us in this effort, the link below from the CDC provides directions on how to wear and sew homemade masks:

We realize there may be a shortage of materials; however, there are many options For example, masks can be made from a 100% cotton t-shirt, and ties can be made from elastic ponytail holders.

These are challenging days, but Americans have always been willing to face such challenges and pull together—to pool their resources and do what it takes to protect the common good. The citizens of Hall County exemplify that American spirit, and together, we will all get through this pandemic and be a healthier and stronger community.

If you are able to sew masks or have questions, please contact EHMS School Nurse, Mrs. Ellen Neece, via email at


Thank you so much.

East Hall Middle School on Behalf of Hall County School District

We have created a document that outlines access and submission options for student work for our families with limited internet access at home.