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As we continuously seek to improve the Hall County School District, we want to know how you, as a parent or guardian, feel the schools and the district are doing to meet the needs of students and all stakeholders. Please help us by completing the survey online and by joining us for our Annual Stakeholder Input Meeting on April 22, 2020.

The information that you provide will help us evaluate and improve how our schools, district, families and parents work together to help all students achieve academic success.

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Queridos padres/tutores,

Debido a que buscamos continuamente mejorar el Distrito Escolar del Condado de Hall, queremos saber cómo usted, como padre o tutor, siente que las escuelas y el distrito están trabajando para satisfacer las necesidades de los estudiantes y todos los miembros de la comunidad. Ayúdenos con este proceso completando la encuesta en línea y acompañándonos en nuestra reunión anual de aportes de los miembros interesados el 22 de abril de 2020.

La información que nos proporcione nos ayudará a evaluar y mejorar la manera en que nuestras escuelas, distrito, familias y padres trabajan juntos para ayudar a todos los estudiantes a lograr el éxito académico.

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Por favor presione en el enlace (link) de abajo para más información acerca de la reunión anual de aportes de los miembros interesados.

Sus opiniones y sugerencias son muy valiosas, y le agradecemos su aporte.

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• Stakeholder Input Meeting Invitation – Stakeholder Input Meeting Invitation

Wow, how school conversations have changed over the years.  When I was in school, that was when Jesus wore pampers, talk was so much simpler than it is now.  As I recall, we used to talk about sports, talk about the coolest girl in  the school, talk about what we were going to do when we grew up.  Of course like all young students back then, we would tell jokes about each other, we called that “cracking” on someone until they gave up and stopped talking.  Those were the days.

Now the battle lines have been drawn by this generation of kids.  Their conversations are totally different than then.  Now they talk about vaping, what they can get away with, what gang they are a member of, of course this is just for them to attempt to grow their status in the school and now th

ey are starting more increasingly talk about shooting somebody they don’t like or have a disagreement with.  Oh, they also talk about putting that person’s house on fire or putting a bomb in it.

This is disturbing to me because in this current society you never know what is serious or not.  We must fight to change the conversations that are out there and teach the students what the importance of what they say.

At the school, we take any and all of this type of talk serious.  Every conversation that is reported to us initiates an investigation and a report to the parents and in most cases, the local law enforcement officer (SRO) of the school.

We are spreading the word around school that this is called “communicating a threat” and no matter if they are serious or not, we look into it for accuracy and the student will be disciplined for his/her actions.

We intend to continue to demonstrate that East Hall Middle School is one of the safest schools in Hall County.  Each parent, student, teacher and other school personnel are a part of that.

Kudo’s to the students that continue to report these types of incidents.  It shows that they want to be an intricate part of this safety team.

Have a great weekend.

I was inspired this week by a lot of good things that went on in the school.  If you didn’t know, we have been preparing for our every three year inspection.  That inspection was this past Tuesday.  There were about 23 outsiders showing up to go through our school with a fine tooth comb to see how we conducted business every day.  They interviewed me, the APs, the Counselors, all  the teachers and some parents.  They even watched the students as they walked through the hallways, as they do.  Sometimes, you don’t know what to expect in the hallway, you just don’t know.

But during one class change, one inspector told me “you have some great students, they are so nice and mannerable and quiet!” He asked “are they always like that?”  I thought it was a trick question.

The day before, I had mentioned to the students during our announcement, I said “do you remember when your parents would tell you to clean your room up and remember to be on your best behavior for tomorrow, because your Grandparents were coming?”  Well, pretend your Grandparents are coming tomorrow.  I think it worked because the students were fantastic!  They made me proud.

The inspectors were all smiles at the end of the day and said that we did a great job hosting them.  The said “thanks, for your hospitality.”

In other news, we held our 2nd student recognition breakfast this week.  We recognized about 18 students who were selected by their teachers for representing some of the Viking Values and being an example for others in the school. Each student was called to the cafeteria for donuts and fellowship.  Then each was given an award by me.  That was special.

Sadly, we have had a rash of students using inappropriate language resulting in them communicating a threat.  Though sometimes they may think they are only joking with someone, they need to understand that these types of threats cannot and will not be tolerated at East Hall.  Once I finish an investigation, the student may face serious consequences and that is not good.  Please be sure to talk with your son or daughter about the seriousness of threats in the school.  Each threat will be taken seriously and the student will be dealt with severely.

We completed our first round of ACCESS testing.  Mrs Pritchett and her team did a great job in organizing and administering the test.  It took about 1 1/2 weeks to test almost 340 students.

We are a good school, with good people, who care!  That is all I could ever ask for.

Until the next time.