It is this time of year, as I get older and older, I think of how far we have come as a society.  I think of things that we usually take for granted or just take as a part of life.  Often, I find myself thinking of all the ladies that have had children, even thinking of when my girls were born.

Just the process is somewhat overwhelming, to say the least.  Especially the days leading up to the birth of the baby.  We now have the opportunities to summons medical assistance to get the new mom to the hospital and to be in the comforts of medical attention who can assist in the birth of the child.

I think of the contractions that mothers endure as the time comes closer for the birth of the child and all the things that are offered in the hospital during and after birth.

The happiness and joy that’s felt at the delivery and the excitement of taking the little one home for the very first time.

Then I think about this lady named Mary.  How difficult it must have been to be traveling on a donkey to try to get to a place for help.  I think about the labor pains she endured, not being able to rest and wondering what was happening to her.  Then to get to the Inn and find out there was no room for her and her husband there.  Somehow they find a barn to rest for the night, no other materials available for her at that time.  No bed to lay her head and no one there to assist her in the birth of her child.

Imagine a baby born, a child is born!

That is the story I know.

Merry Christmas


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the East Hall family!  I am truly Blessed and encouraged, for this is my destiny that God has placed upon me.

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Our EHMS Wrestling team did an outstanding job at the Hall County Wrestling Championships on Saturday, December 14. The team placed second overall, with many of our student-athletes placing at the top of their weight classes as well.

Here is a breakdown of the 8 individuals who received a medal for placing:

1st place

  • Marco Ramirez
  • Aaron Brock
  • Noah Creekmore


2nd place

  • Kyle mason
  • Erick Chavez
  • Jayden Hernandez



  • Andy navarette



  • Luke Pruitt


Go Vikings!

This past week was a good one for all.  It seemed that everyone was in a celebratory mode.  Each day was something different, but the students all stayed their course in the classroom.  I am really proud of the way they conducted themselves overall and I have no doubt they will continue their success these last four days before the break.

I read the daily post that is passed to us every day and I thought it fit the season we are in:

“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.”

I always remember this “I may not have much to give, but when I give, I give my all.”

Just a Thought!

I am reflecting back on watching the Georgia vs LSU football game yesterday.  Yeah, as a Bulldog fan, I was disappointed at the outcome.  Like many of the others who watched the game, some on TV and others at the stadium, there is so much expected of the members on the team in every aspect.  Perfection is expected, mistakes are frowned upon, and losing, well, is unacceptable.

I wonder how many people even stop to think that these boys are only 19-22 years old.  They are still trying to get their lives together.  But under the umbrella of competition, they are expected to do more, to be more, to display more.  Wow, that is a lot to undertake for an adult, less alone for a young man who is just starting to get his life together.

Which brings me to the point of this conversation.  Students!  Isn’t it interesting how much we expect of them on a daily basis.  No wonder they are under so much pressure.  I believe that we, as parents, have somehow now started to expect so much from our little ones that sometimes we forget that they are children.  The pressure of society and home adds to the difficult struggles that students have.  Society has made it so fast paced that children are now missing the important times of what it is like to be a child.

Students are being asked to perform task that beyond their years and brain development.  Technology has played a major part in this “child crisis” and there is no relief in sight unless there is a genuine concern to address it.

Do we not remember what it was like to be a young one in middle school.  I think of it often and realize, I was just like the students at East Hall.  I was no different.

I realize that children haven’t changed but it the aggressive society that has made us change in how we deal with children and how we must address them.  Teachers are challenged in teaching students because students are also learning from technology, TV, radio and “the streets.”

We have to be “social savvy” in the classroom in an affect to stay current with students and what they are learning.

The bottom line is “Children are still children!”  They’ve got to go through the phases of life to learn.


Well, it is the season that we all await.  Students are excited and ready for a long break.  I intentionally put up the Christmas tree last week as a way to make everyone smile when they entered the building.  I encouraged all students to think about how they recognize the holidays and then told them that I would pick some of them to talk to the school on the morning news.

This should be exciting because students will benefit in knowing that there are different ways to recognize the holidays.  Whether it is for religious purpose, family traditions, or personal beliefs.  Students will be able to learn to respect others in their beliefs and understand there are many differences among us all.

I look forward to spending time with the students and listening to their stories and feel their excitement over the next two and a half weeks.

We are truly Blessed at East Hall Middle School.  We have some fine young people who want to be the best they can be.

I heard a different phrase today and I will keep it in my daily work.

“We love them, we help them and we discipline them.”