Congratulations to our EHMS Cheer Team!  The team placed 2nd in the Big Red Cheer Classic Cheer Competition on Saturday, October 26th!

I usually don’t talk about personal stuff, but I what to share this with you in hopes that a dad or son will read it and take action.

The majority of you do not know that over the past few months I have been dealing with prostate cancer. I went to get my annual physical in May and the doctor told me that my PSA scores were a little high (point 7) to be exact. I asked him to do the test again and the score was a (point 3). At that time he indicated that a fluctuating score like that meant that I either had an inflamed infection or something else was wrong.

I immediately asked him to do the appropriate test, a biopsy, to see what it was and surely it came back that there were indications of the beginning of cancer forming.
To make a long story short, I started radiation in July for 5 days a week and finished up about two weeks ago. Recently I had the procedure of having radiation seed implants, as a precaution, to ensure that all of the cancer was gone.
Because I am aware of my health, I continually go to the doctor for regular checkups and that is how I found this cancer. Though it is gone now, I will continually be aggressive in monitoring my health, not only for me, but for my children and my grands.

You see, I found out that, at some point, most men over the age of 50 will develop prostate cancer and/or low testosterone or even colon cancer.  Gentleman, being a man, doesn’t mean being hard-headed or stupid. Don’t say “it can’t happen to me” because it just might.
I want to encourage you to go to the doctor and get checked. It’s better to be safe, than sorry.  We only have two choices, live or not.
I went, and I am glad I did.
God is good, all the time.

Come join us for Veterans Day on November 8th!  Veterans will be treated to breakfast in the Learning Commons, followed by a Walk of Honor.
If you have a name of a veteran to recognize for the Veterans Day Wall, please email the name of the veteran, branch of service, and a picture (if available) to

¡Únase a nosotros para el Día de los Veteranos el 8 de noviembre! Los veteranos serán invitados a desayunar en la biblioteca, seguido de una caminata de honor.
Si tiene el nombre de un veterano compártalo para el Muro del Día de los Veteranos, envíe un correo electrónico con el nombre del veterano, la rama de servicio y una fotografía (si está disponible) a

EHMS Book Fair
Friday, October 25 – Friday, November 1

All students will be visiting the book fair in the library once with their ELA teacher.

To see what time and day your student will be coming to the fair, please see the full schedule here:

Book Fair Family Lunch – Friday, November 1st

We will also be hosting a Family Fair Lunch Time on Friday, November 1st.  We invite you to come during your child’s lunchtime and eat lunch with your student in the Library, and then you can shop the book fair together.


All parents will need to sign-in in the front office with a picture ID first upon arriving at the school.

  • You can view the lunch schedule here to find your child’s lunchtime:
  • Parents can either bring their own lunch or purchase a school lunch.  The cost for parent school lunch is $3.55.

If you cannot come during your child’s lunch, you are welcome to come any time between 8:00 AM – 1:35 PM on Friday, November 1st to shop the book fair with your child.


Book Fair E-Wallet

Parents can use eWallet to load your child’s spending account or donate to fund a teacher’s wish list. Please complete all eWallet transactions by 10 AM on Friday, November 1st.


Learn how to use EWallet @

  • Load your child’s spending account online from home and your child can shop the book fair at school.
  • You can also donate to fund your child’s teacher’s classroom wish list.


Wow, this week went by so fast. So much happened that you really don’t realize it all until you sit and think.

I am reminded of so much.  I attended a Vaping Forum last week and it really gave me a deeper understanding of the importance of getting  the word out about the dangers of vaping.  Across the nation, 48% of all middle school students vape and now the country is starting to see the dangers of this habit.  We want to continue to be serious in our process at the school to educate the students and parents on the dangers of vaping and the habits we are finding in the school.  Thankfully the parents we have spoken with are on board with our process and give full support of what we are doing.  We have placed a short video on our website for you to view and gain some information on how to talk to your kids about vaping.

I was most proud this week on compliments the students received from a couple of visitors who visited the school last week.  Each one said that the students were very friendly, very kind, and courteous when they greeted them.  They were impressed with the students manners throughout the school.  One visitor said that he had visited other schools recently and our students were the most well-mannered students he had experienced.  Wow, we do have some great students at East Hall.

The WEHN news crew received a great surprise the other day.  They have been selected to attend an event at Georgia Tech later this year to showcase what they do at East Hall.  We will be able to take 8 of the news crew members to represent East Hall and actually Hall County.  What a great experience for these students.  I tell them all the time that what they are doing is great experience for the future.  It reminds me of my time in Broadcasting School. That was a long two years of training.

At my last assessment of the of the school performance, we are continuing to improve on our overall discipline.  Students are starting to really understand the importance of behavior, good discipline and respect for each other.

Our numbers are continuing to grow.  At last count, we are standing at 1072 students.  From my understanding, that is the most we have had in recent history.

Lastly, you must know that I am most proud of all of the members of the East Hall teachers and staff.  They are the most professional, smart and caring staff you will probably ever find.  Through the every day grind, they continue to try and do what is best for each student while being examples of what caring is all about.  If you have not had a chance to meet any teachers, I invite you to come by and spend some time at the school and get to know them.  They are special.

I often say that we want East Hall to be the school that everyone is talking about, in a good way.  Its not the walls of the building that define what East Hall is, it is what is going on inside that makes us who we are.

East Hall Middle School Vikings!

Scoliosis Screening for all 7th and 8th graders is on Monday, October, 28th. Please remember refusal forms are due no later than Thursday, October, 24th. No forms are accepted after this date. Please ask your connections teachers if you need another form.



El examen de escoliosis para todos los alumnos de 7º y 8º grado será el lunes 28 de octubre. Recuerde que los formularios de rechazo (los que no desean que se les haga el examen) deben entregarse a más tardar el jueves 24 de octubre. No se aceptaran formularios después de esta fecha. Si necesita otro formulario Por favor, pídalo a sus maestros de conexiones.

GPB Education featured a spotlight article by East Hall Middle teacher Ms. Lona Hall! She spent two weeks this summer on an NOAA ship and shares her experience with our EHMS students. 

Parents — Please view our October 16th Parent e-Newsletter below.  Pages 1-2 are in English and Pages 3-4 in Spanish.  In addition, Report Card 1 (first 9-weeks) goes home with students today.


Parents please watch this short video with parent information about vaping.

Many students lack a positive role model in their lives. Teachers can become the role models who are the connection between parents and society because of the time spent on a daily basis. Educators must recognize that they spend more time with the students than parents do on a daily basis because of social factors that include being in a one-parent home or both parents having professional careers and the student spends more time alone at home or with a nanny. These factors are directly identified in the disconnect that is part of the student behavior. This is called “Bridging the Gap.”

I call this “Reconnect the Disconnect” of communication and establishing relationships between generations.

Lost in this process is the purpose of education. Education is meant to provide and teach students, not only text and content, but provide skills that can be used in the social environment. Education teaches not only curriculum and text, but should teach communication skills, leadership skills, life skills and social skills that are beneficial, not only in the classroom, but in society.