I wanted to take time to talk of something that seems to have taken over our society.  SOCIAL MEDIA!

Have you ever taken the time to think about how out of hand it has gotten and how worse it will be if we don’t get a handle on it?  Now let’s see, there is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and the list goes on and on.  As more are being introduced to us and we look at privacy, are we actually doing that? Are we actually being private in our conversations or are we hoping that no one else can see or track down our conversations later on?

It seems to me that social media has become our voice in the communication process in that we would rather speak through our links versus talk with someone face-to-face, the way mature people do.  We would rather put all of our feeling, emotions, and thoughts out to the world for everyone to see and then get offended when someone replies with something you don’t agree with.  We rather say that we have 10,000 friends in the media world than to say we have one true friend who we can talk to at any time about anything.

You know what, and this is just my opinion, I think SM is a security blanket for some people who have not developed the skills to be sociably conversationable, if there is such a word.

Oh yes, there is some good to come out of SM but for many people, all of their personal trash is also posted for the world to see, their behaviors, and stuff that can come back and bite you in the “wahzooo.”

Young people, I just want to tell you to be careful in what you post on you SM page.  It may come back to bite you.  Many employers now reference the SM page of future prospects before hiring.  Police look at SM pages for reoccurring events or suspicious activities, and you never know who is looking at your page because they are up to no good.

If you are going to use social media, be sure to use it the right way.  If you think you don’t know what the right way is, ask somebody. But, don’t put all of your business in the street, it is something you just can’t take back.  Once it’s out there, it is there for good.  Your privacy is all you have.  Just think about it.

One song says, “I’m just a telephone call away.”  Have we forgotten how to reach out and talk?

Just a Thought!